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Ballzy Gaming, LLC

Established 2014 - 2020

Jesse Underwood is the Gamer, Educator, and Entertainer for Ballzy Gaming, LLC. Some say this tall and handsome fella is known for his clever and hilarious acts of random rants during games. Video games have always been second nature for Jesse, ever since the days of Nintendo.

How did it all start? His brother, Willis, handed down his Atari 2600 to him when he was younger. He got addicted to Pitfall on the Atari, but when Willis would be at work, Jesse would sneak into Will’s room and play on his new Nintendo to play Super Mario Brothers. Let’s not forget that back in 1985 when Nintendo was released (that was a joke, that specific console was released in 1985) the cost of a gaming system was well around $300. Of course the marketing geniuses of evil corporations would price it at $299 to make you think it was cheaper, when in fact it was the cost of a house payment for the middle class citizen. Roof over your head or a gaming console? Well that’s a no brainer.

Jesse purchased his very first console, the Turbo Grafx 16 when he was just a wee country boy snapping chicken necks for dinner. He saved up his lunch money for the longest time, refusing to buy lunch so that he could buy it. Yes, his mother remembers just how tiny her youngest son was back then. If you think about it, that is a lot of marbles he could have bought, but instead chose the Turbo Grafx 16.

As a teen, he grew up in the state Georgia and although he is a man now (knows how to chop wood, build cars from ground up and played football in his younger years, yep an all-American man) he was banned from Georgian High Schools for mooning the yearbook camera. Naughty naughtyboy.

He currently resides in Kentucky, back in his childhood home town, with a population of 2100. The nearest Walmart is 25 miles away.  Yes the town is small and old and abandoned but who cares right, we would'nt have the Ballz'y we all know and love today without the amzing adventure he endures in everyday life.

Even with the education Jesse has received, he still can’t spell “balls” right. Maybe he should try “bollocks” instead. Please note that he will swear like a sailor when online and that he deos not provide earmuffs for those who are tuning in to his channel

So how did Ballz'y get his name? Well the name Ballz was established in 1991 when he was a young child in grade school (he was a nerd, geek, smart, jock that happened to played video games. Identity crisis much?). A few bullies found inspiration in Jesse's last name, Underwood, and came up with the nickname Ballz. What wait really how why? Ok don't freak cause the auto response to calling someone names would be to say"under where?" hahahaha WTF we aren't in preschool anymore. Yo. Kids are smarter now so they broke it down. Ok think about it, Underwood (whats UNDER-THE-WOOD = BALLZ!) BOOM. And so set forth the greatest nickname of all time.

Ballz is a nick name Jesse has gone by for many years. In 2006 when the Playstation 3 was released, Jesse was forced to have a PSN ID, and believe it or not someone had already chosen Ballz. So that being said he had to choose ballz4311 as his PSN ID, and all other platforms after that have been ballz4311. In 2011 the name Ballz was later pronounced as Ball-z or Ballz'y. Later in January 2013, Jesse found Twitch and set out to teach himself what he needed to know to become a streamer. He wanted to play and be apart of the the gaming community that he has long loved for many years. February 2014 came around and Jesse launched ballz4311 for his first live stream on Twitch, playing his all time favorite game, Black Ops II Zombies Town. Within the same month he established and created Ballz'y Gaming. He created it as a group foundation for gamers to interact not just in a competitive way, but also in the way games were meant to be played: for FUN! That's why Jesse assumes the name ballz4311 (Jesse) instead of Ballz'y Gaming (Community).

Ballz4311 most favorite games of all time:

Mario 1985

Mortal Kombat 1991

ToeJam & Earl 1991

All Zeldas

Command & Conquer Generals 2003

Black Ops II 2013

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